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July, 2005


Journalist assaulted in Jahangirnagar University:
On 17 July, ruling party BNP’s student wing Jatiyatabadi Chatra Dal (JCD) activists in the Jahangirnagar University have assaulted ALAMGIR SWAPAN, staff reporter of Dainik Janakantha, at about 10.30am at the social science faculty of the university campus. The attackers were at least 30 people.

Journalist Alamgir Swapan was the university correspondent for Dainik Janakantha and recently graduated from the university, came to pick up his academic records. JCD activists attacked him due to writing previously against their several wrongdoings and unlawful actions in the university campus when he was the university correspondent. ‘The attackers thought they would not get anymore chance to assault me as I am no longer a student of the university, so they took the chance’, said Swapan.

The attackers led by Robiul Islam Robi, organising secretary of JCD university committee and Tanjil – another activist. They have also threatened three other university correspondents, Nur Siddiqui of Prothom Alo, Fuad Hossain of Ajker Kagoj and Emran Hossain Emon of The Daily Star. The incident has brought out huge remonstration programmes in the campus. Students have given a seven-day ultimatum to the vice-chancellor demanding possible soonest punishment of the culprits. They staged a sit-on in the campus and organised a silent procession.

Talking over mobile phone, journalist Swapan said, ‘this is a continuous and regular incidence of these JCD activists. I am rather safe as I have finished my study and back to profession recently, but it is still danger for those correspondents who are student and working for different prominent newspapers’. ‘They (JCD activists/leaders) use their power influencing teachers to disturb student-journalists academically, so they are insecure in terms of either academic exams or records and/or, physical assaults’, says journalist Swapan.

No police action is found till writing this story today or not found any action taken by the university authority against those terrors.


NSI beats up press photographers:
On 07 July, National Security Intelligence (NSI) people have beaten up pitilessly press photographers at about 11.30am at the intelligence office leaving at least 10 of them. The NSI people also confined two press photographers for several hours and later handed them over to police later released afternoon.

The three critically injured press photographers, Anisur Rahman of The Daily Star, Wahid Hassan Raja of Daily Bhorer Kagoj and Mir Ahmed Miru of Janakantha, were admitted in the hospital. Senior press photographers ABM Musa of Daily Sangram and other colleague Sharif of daily Nayadiganto have undergone treatment at the hospital. NSI men confined Enamul Kabir Tuku, staff press photographer of daily Janakantha, when he was taking pictures of the building where NSI office is situated. NSI men resisted him doing his job. At one stage, they snatched his camera and dragged him inside the office and beaten mercilessly.

Following the news, his other colleagues rushed there and protested the incident. They also tried to free him from NSI confinement. NSI people did not pay attention to their requests but attacked them all with bamboo sticks and other sticks to beat.

Wahid Hassan Raja, press photographer of the Daily Bhorer Kagoj told from the hospital bed, 'those NSI people were not only beating us, but also showing their hatred to journalists and saying that they don't care journalists. They are 'licensed terror' from the government.' They were 25 to 30 people who were passing hate speeches, hurling abusive words towards journalists during beating us, Raja added. He also said that there was police stationed nearby and did nothing. Police force reached there to tackle the situation after getting information of the chaos.

Police wanted to file a case against press photographers of interrupting government officials to do their job. Later, for some reason, police did not step forward due to high officials intervention. During demonstration by the press photographers, the demanded to the authority to bring them to trial. Earlier, all press photographers have protested the incident barricading roads in front of National Press Club, Dhaka. All journalists' union leaders from both fraction came out of the press club and joined fellow colleagues in the road and demanded to the authority fast action against those NSI.

Ramna police station have confirmed that NSI have filed a case against 6 press photographers with name and 10 others without name with the police station on the same day at about 10.30pm.


Court have issued arrest warrant for two editors:
Magistrate court have issued arrest warrant for two daily editors, Motiur Rahman of Daily Prpthom Alo and Atiqullah Khan masud of Daily Janakantha upon filing a case by Nasir Uddin Ahmed Pintoo, a ruling party member of parliament from Dhaka on 07 July. MP Nasir Uddin Ahmed Pintoo wrote in his petition that Daily Prothom Alo has published a report on 26 June, one report publish on 28 June and on 29 June and other news on 20 June, which was deliberate, false and to defame his image in the country.

And another separate petition Pintoo (MP) said against Daily Janakantha that the have publish reports from 25 June to 30 June, everyday that has damaged his image politically, socially and in his business. After filing the case, his fellow activists have set fire on those newspaper copies in the court premise on the same day.


Parliament Speaker's request to revise law on freedom of press:
On 6 July, National Parliament speaker have asked the Law minister to try to make a law or revise existing laws to do something against journalists who misusing the freedom of the press that has been ensured in the constitution. The speaker said if the freedom of press laws remains the same, journalists would continue misusing the freedom in future.


Journalist beaten in Durgapur, Rajshahi:
On 6 July, RAFIQUL ISLAM, age 22, correspondent for Daily Amar Desh in Durgapur, Rajshahi – northwest of Bangladesh, faced attack and beaten pitilessly by ruling party cadres storming inside the Durgapur press club at about 10.30am. The journalist was accused of writing in his newspaper on extortion. Journalist Rafiqul Islam could identify some attackers as Rokon, Polash, Mokhlesur Rahman, Alauddin and others.

Durgapur Press Club general secretary Nurul Islam was also beaten when he tried to rescue him. Later, local people gathered and rescued them.

Rafiqul Islam had been receiving threats number of times for last one week. When this group warned again the journalist to be careful about writing against extortion on last Tuesday entering into press club, he filed a primary complaint with the local police station. This attempt of the journalist brought this danger on him. Those thugs became furious knowing about the complaint with police. So, they raided the press club, drag him out of office beating. Rafiqul Islam rushed to the local medical centre for treatment immediately.

Journalist Rafiqul Islam is supposed to go back home sometime today (Wednesday). He talking over mobile phone, lying in the hospital bed in Durgapur health centre, that he is feeling insecurity due to repeated threat by a cadre. This cadre is coming back and forth at the health centre to threat him not to file any case against the group beaten him. That cadre already visited and threatened him and his companions at the health centre twice since morning today. ‘Policemen was supposed to visit me today morning to get my approval to convert my primary complaint into a case, but no one appeared. So, I will go to the police station and file a case against those thugs’, said Rafiqul Islam.


Rafiqul Islam is still complaining back pain and feeling breathing problem:
Rafiqul Islam also the president of Durgapur press club. He also writes for Daily Notun Provat, publish from Rajshahi.

Shahjahan Manik Saju, bureau chief of Daily Amar Desh in Rajshahi, who happens to be the supervisor of reporter Rafiqul Islam, told that it is very painful to see the attack even after complaints with police. ‘The question is, how the criminals got the information from the police station that a complaint has been recorded against them’, he expressed his worries.

Anwar Ali Himu, correspondent of The Daily Star in Rajshahi wrote in his story that although Rafiq complaints with police on Tuesday, but they did not go into action. Khuda Boksh Mridha, officer-in-charge of Durgapur police station, says, ‘we will look into the matter once Rafiqul Islam filed a case against those perpetrators.’ ‘There was a tense going on for last couple of days, finally it happened all on a sudden,’ says the police officer.

Anwar Ali Himu was also saying that the latest issue of beating a journalist in Bagmara in Rajshahi by some cadres of JMJB. He said, police had arrested one of the criminals, but released him the next day and he is now moving freely as nothing has happened to him.


Journalist attacked for reportimg extortion:
Alleged cadre's BNP's student wing Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) stormed into press Club and beat up a journali8st at Durgapur upozila here yesterday evening. Rafiqul Islam, upozila correspondent of Amar Desh and local p-ress club president was admitted to Durgapur Hospital. A group of JCD men who were allegedly threatining Rafiq for over a week went to the prees club where some journalists were preparing report at around 5pm. Driving out others, they started beating Rafiq mercilessly. At a stage, Rafiq fell down on the floor. Local people rushed to the spot hearing cries of the journalists and rescued Rafiq, said the press club sectery Nurul Islam.

He identified some attackers as Rokon, Polash, Mokhlesur Rahman, Jonab-1, Jonab-2, Alauddin abd Barik of Gorkhayee areas in the upozila. The atteckers allegedly threatened on Friday to kill Rafiqul for publishing a report on their extortion and other criminal activities. On Thuesday, they again went to the press club to warn Rafiq. Rafiq filed a general dairy with local police after Tuesday's threat, but the police allegedly did not go into action. The attacker's, allegedly blessed by a local lawmaker, were moving freely around the police station aven after the attack on Rafiq. None was arrested till filing of this report yesterday evening.


Daily Amader Shomoy receives threat of grenade attack:
Unidentified criminals have threatened NAYEEMUL ISLAM KHAN, editor & publisher of the Daily Amader Shomoy to stop publishing the newspaper immediately otherwise they would hurl grenade at the office. The letter addressing the editor arrives at the newspaper office on 29 June.

Threats over phones both in office and at his residence are also quite often these days.

Meantime, three separate Police group have visited the newspaper office and spoke with editor immediate after the threat. Police guard have been deployed downstairs of the office and as well as at the editor’s residence near by to strengthen security.

The officer in charge of New Market Police Station Saifur Rahman Babul says that the language of the threat-letter primarily refers to an extremist fundamental group. He has suggested security checks the people are coming back and forth in the office and also requests editor and others to move carefully. An officer of local police station is investigating the threat.

Editor & publisher of the daily have received threats twice before this letter arrives, either over phone or in person. First threat came on February, the month when the newspaper was on trial publication; and second on 25 April, the newspaper already launched in the market. Police was deployed for few days upon requests. The newspaper has launched on 27 March of this year. In a press release the daily writes they would continue work facing these threats with utmost patience and boldness.

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